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Excyting Solutions

Our four main services

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Excyting Solutions

Our four main services

Headless E-Commerce

Conversion optimized high speed headless online storefronts with a powerful e-commerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce in the backend.

Native App

React Native codebase for iOS and Android versions for a faster and cheaper development until deployment to the app stores.

Web App

Scalable and flexible foundations in the frontend and backend with battle tested frameworks and libraries like React, Firebase and Nest.js.

Custom Website

Futureproof Next.js website with features, design and other requirements that go beyond of what website builders, templates and traditional CMS can offer.

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Particle animation

6 min read

Animations in E-Commerce Sites

One way to add interest and dimension to an e-commerce store is with strategically placed animations. A large variety of animations can be incorporated into a website to engage and entertain visitors while also emphasizing the most critical areas of the site.

Shopify vs Swell

7 min read

Swell vs Shopify - The best headless E-Commerce platform

Shopify and Swell are in direct competition for headless E-Commerce customers. If you’re looking to switch to a headless approach, to build better customer experiences with a flexible and customizable storefront, you’re probably looking at these two options.

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