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We are technology experts and love delivering cutting edge solutions for our customers with needs for skyrocketing performance, amazing user experiences & custom requirements

Excyting Solutions

Our four main services

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Excyting Solutions

Our four main services

E-Commerce Store

Conversion optimized high speed headless online storefronts with a powerful e-commerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce in the backend.

Native App

React Native codebase for iOS and Android versions for a faster and cheaper development until deployment to the app stores.

Web App

Scalable and flexible foundations in the frontend and backend with battle tested frameworks and libraries like React, Firebase and Nest.js.

Custom Website

Futureproof Next.js website with features, design and other requirements that go beyond of what website builders, templates and traditional CMS can offer.

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Greek Flavours


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Siemens AI@CT


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Wordpress vs Next.js

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WordPress vs Next.js

This article dives into the similarities and differences of WordPress and Next.js, to help brands decide which development path is right for them.

Development Challenges

2 min read

Development challenges

As a development agency, we often face a number of challenges throughout a project's process. These challenges can range from technical issues to communication breakdowns and everything in between.

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