Shopify Checkout Customizations: Customize Like Never Before

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Transform your Shopify Plus checkout with the Exciting Checkout Designer app. Dive into unparalleled customization options and craft a checkout that places you above and beyond your competitors!

Shopify Checkout Customizations: Customize like never before - Announicng the Launch of our New App!

Cart Abandonment is Everyone's Problem

Cart abandonment is a well-known problem – shockingly, 7 in 10 carts are left behind without purchase completion. While some of these abandonments can be attributed to browsing, many more are due to a clunky and complicated checkout process. Thankfully, Shopify's checkout process is already ahead of the curve. Its optimization results in conversion rates that surpass other e-commerce platforms by an impressive 36%.

Regardless, your checkout cart isn’t just a transactional endpoint. It’s an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s value, build trust with your customers, and reduce abandonment rates to snag every possible sale. This begs the question – what customization options are available for your Shopify store?

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The Limits of Shopify Checkout Customizations

The checkout page customization options are somewhat limited for those using a regular Shopify account. You can only tweak basic design elements, such as colors and fonts.

Shopify Plus Offers More Options

If you're looking for a more comprehensive set of customization tools, Shopify Plus is where the magic happens. The native design settings offer a decent range of customization options, but they might not suffice for brands aiming for a unique checkout experience.

The Old Way – Manual Changes with checkout.liquid

In the past, Shopify Plus merchants could request access to their checkout.liquid file to make manual code changes. Unfortunately, this method was cumbersome and required the services of a developer, increasing costs. Shopify is deprecating the checkout.liquid code changes next year (August 2024) in favor of the newer checkout extensibility features.

A screenshot of a checkout.liquid file opened in a code editor

The New Way – Checkout Extensibility 

The checkout extensibility features allow brands to implement code-free customizations via apps. Developers can now deploy these customizations through both custom and public apps on the Shopify App Store. For instance, with the Checkout Blocks app, merchants can add blocks with product offers, custom fields, and even incorporate server-side logic functions. Checkout UI extensions also let sellers add branded product offers and loyalty programs to the checkout experience.

Technical Users Only – Checkout Branding API

The last option available to Shopify Plus sellers to customize the checkout design is the Checkout Branding API. By using the API, the checkout process is more customizable down to button padding, rounded corners, fonts, and more. However, this is best suited for experienced users or developers, as it can be quite complex.

Introducing the Exciting Checkout Designer App

For those looking for a simpler, more intuitive solution, the Exciting Checkout Designer app is ready to help. Available on the Shopify app store, the app empowers Shopify Plus merchants to redefine the appearance of their checkout pages without diving into complex coding. Designed with users in mind, the app allows for easy customization of checkout pages, no matter your technical background.

Comic style checkout customization

Checkout Profiles

With our app, you can design, manage, and seamlessly switch between multiple checkout customizations. Whether you're making seasonal changes, capitalizing on special promotions, or planning a complete branding overhaul, checkout profiles offer the flexibility and control you need.

checkout profile

Tailored Branding

Elevate your checkout page's aesthetics by uploading custom fonts and choosing branded colors. You can also fine-tune text sizes, adjust kerning, modify letter case, and letter weight. With this level of customization, every element of your checkout page can be tweaked to match your brand's style guidelines perfectly.

make font changes
branded colors

Design Freedom

Experience greater design freedom as you customize button aesthetics, strategically position headers, and select striking background images. Fine-tune form elements, tweak padding, and adjust borders and corner radii to craft a checkout experience that's not only cohesive but also engaging.

logo and headings
background images and button designs

Seamless Integration

The Exciting Checkout Designer works with any Shopify Plus storefront without any complicated setup. It's completely free, so why wait?

Download it now and test it out firsthand on your own store!

checkout page customized with the app

Join Forces with Excyted

Every touchpoint with your customers matters. By leveraging the power of Shopify checkout customizations, especially with tools like the Exciting Checkout Designer app, you can create a branded checkout experience that is truly memorable.

If you're currently set up with a regular Shopify store and are contemplating a shift to Shopify Plus to access these superior customization options, let Excyted guide you through this process. Not only do we assist with the migration, but we can expertly craft a customized store and checkout experience that resonates with your brand and helps your store beat that pesky 70% cart abandonment rate! Reach out today to get started!