New year new me!

Antonio Schmitter

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New year new me! More annoying than unsustainable New Year’s resolutions are unresponsive and laggy online stores. The Google web team thought so too and give you a remaining grace period until March 2 to fix it before they punish you with a daunting red bar on your web vitals report. It’s called Interaction to Next Paint, or INP in short and it measures how quickly the site responds to user actions like clicking buttons and typing in input fields. Previously it was only measured as first input delay (FID) on initial page load but because most of the time on a page is spent after it’s been loaded the old metric will be replaced. Now your customers’ Chrome browsers will continuously monitor every click, tap, and key press while they navigate your site and look for anything that takes more than 200ms to process. To enhance your search engine ranking and reduce this metric consider reducing the amount of code you ship, complex calculations, and anything that blocks other tasks from executing swiftly. #inp #headlesscommerce #ecommerce #chrome #pagespeed
Interaction to Next Paint Explanation Graphic

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