Drapery configuration without the drudgery.

Antonio Schmitter

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Drapery configuration without the drudgery. This configurator for the Everhem Shopify shop does a great job at configuring drapery to custom requirements and visualizing it. šŸŸ¢ Lots of customization options šŸŸ¢ Helpful measurement tips throughout the configuration steps šŸŸ¢ The total price is visible at every step of the process and updates in real-time šŸ”“ The final configured product is currently not showing in the overview section When confirming the final step, the tool creates a new Shopify product with the selected specifications on demand via the Admin API and then adds it to the cart. This is a good technique for bespoke products where not every combination can exist as a product or variant in Shopify. #headlesscommerce #productconfigurator #shopify #customization


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