A well-oiled migration process.

Antonio Schmitter

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A well-oiled migration process. Popular German oil manufacturer Öhlmühle Sauerland successfully migrated their store from Magento to Shopify. The entire process, from migration to the new Shopify store going live, took only 2 weeks. All the store data from the past 14 years, which included over 30,000 entities such as products, collections, orders, pages, customers, and reviews, was seamlessly transferred to ensure continuity. The minimal default dawn theme was used with small adjustments to keep the features from the Magento store. For instance, custom product attributes were converted to metafields providing extra info on the product detail page. Additionally, multi-level drop-downs were implemented in the header to keep the semblance of subcollections not natively supported in Shopify. #ecommerce #migration #magento #shopify
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