We designed and developed a new e-commerce shop for Biersafe, a beer accessory manufacturer from Germany.




  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development


  • Gatsby
  • Shopify
  • Contentful

The Mission

Our mission was to redesign and redevelop the existing Wordpress online shop with state-of-the-art technology. The new site should improve the shopping experience and ultimately increase conversion.
Together with Biersafe we agreed on a end-to-end product development process. It encompassed several steps listed below


In a discovery session and a following branding workshop we challenged the Biersafe team against their brand. We defined the customer, revised the value proposition of Biersafe and created a compelling visual language.
We identified that Biersafe customers are largely middle aged house owners with a backyard and a big circle of friends who like to have get togethers outside.
The outcome was a branding guideline and a site structure in the form of wireframes tailored to those customers.

BIERSAFE Branding Session Slides


While the branding guidelines and wireframes layed down the foundation for the customer journey our designers translated this into a high-fidelity user interface. We put a particular focus on a design that is strongly connected to the language of the earlier created brand. We refreshed the visual language of Biersafe with a new sunny yellow color, representing beer and sunshine and a laid-back 70s typeface.
The final design included an emotional user journey throughout the landing page, a functional shop page and informational team and info pages.

Biersafe Splashscreen


In order to craft a perfectly customized and high-performant online shop we used the frontend framework GatsbyJS and integrated the e-commerce platform Shopify. Not yet adapted in the e-commerce space, the static site generation through Gatsby allows for almost unnoticeable loading times. The enhanced user experience results in lower bounce rates and higher completed purchase rates.
We added Contentful as a content mangagement system so that Biersafe can easily edit informational content and trigger new versions of the site.

Code - Shopify - Contentful relationship triangle


Subsequently we took care of the deployment of the new site and transitioned seamlessly from the old to the new one without any downtime.
Finally we arranged a handover workshop together with Biersafe where we explained how to manage the product catalog in shopify and change content on the site.
Post delivery we continuously host, maintain and ensure the security of the site.

BIERSAFE team holding BIERSAFE equipment and smiling during a sunset in the yard